Application Note Supplement – Issue 6 2022

Welcome to New Food’s Issue 6 2022 Application Notes supplement.

Our Application Note supplement, featured in Issue 6 of New Food, features updates on the very latest technology designed to keep your food safe and your workflows efficient. 

NEMIS presents the case for chemiluminescent detection of Listeria monocytogenes, explaining how it allows higher sensitivity and specificity compared to commercial on-site chromogenic detection methods.

Novasina explores the options for water activity standards and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Waters Corporation presents an overview of its liquid chromatography solutions for the routine testing of sugars and sugar substitutes in beverages.

Biospringer delves into the world of Umami, telling the tale of this newest taste’s inception and highlighting the benefits it can have in your products.  

While Michael Ahern of Anritsu explains why the greater use of automation at food processing plants is enhancing the threat of foreign matter contamination, making it increasingly crucial for operators to leverage potent inspection systems.