Webinar: Guidance to ISO 11133 compliance: Water sourcing for microbiology culture media

Posted: 16 March 2022 | | No comments yet

Culture media for the microbiological testing of food, feed, or water must be prepared with pure water that complies with specifications described by the ISO 11133:2014 standard.

Adhering to these water quality criteria can improve test accuracy and reproducibility, and a modern means of delivery can support greater lab efficiency.

Join us to better understand:

  • ISO 11133 background and requirements for water used for preparation and performance testing of culture media
  • The impact of water contaminants on culture media
  • The comparative suitability of two different water sources on the performance testing of culture media
  • How your lab’s water source can impact lab productivity, accuracy, and traceability


Barbara Gerten, Senior Scientist Traditional Microbiology

Estelle Riche, Ph.D., Global Application Specialist

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