Webinar on-demand: The Food Safety Digital Revolution

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Making the digital transformation of food safety simple: the trends, the challenges, and how to get ready in 4 steps – by Mettler-Toledo and EVRYTHNG

Webinar on-demand: The Food Safety Digital Revolution

Free webinar on-demand: The Food Safety Digital Revolution

How to prepare for the coming digitalisation demands

The food safety landscape is currently undergoing a huge change in tracking, visibility and governance processes. There is also a cultural change towards openness and critical data sharing.

Co-hosted by EVRYTHNG and Mettler-Toledo, this on-demand webinar (recorded in May 2021) tells you what you as a food manufacturer need to understand in order to prepare for the approaching digital transformation.

It covers:

  • Digital trends and how they will impact you
  • The digital transformation – made simple
    • The perceived complexity
    • The digital identity
    • The importance of global standardization
    • Data ownership, security, integrity and visibility
  • How to get ready in four steps
  • Budget implications

The digital revolution in food safety has started – click here to ensure you don’t get left behind.

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