On-Demand Webinar: A Tasty Pairing: Keeping meat products safe with the 6470B LC/TQ and the Comprehensive Veterinary Drug Workflow solution

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To protect public health, organisational bodies have set strict maximum residue limits for veterinary drugs found in foods of animal origin.

The 6470B triple quadrupole LC/MS is well suited for this task due to its high sensitivity and robustness. However, instrumentation is just another component to a veterinary drug analysis workflow. One must consider sample preparation, method development, system suitability, and sample reporting. To lower the barrier to entry and maximize sample throughput, a 200+ compound comprehensive analysis workflow is debuted as an ideal pairing to the 6470B LC/TQ.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about high-throughput multiresidue veterinary drug analysis methods using the 6470B LC/TQ.
  • Identify critical challenges for developing and running a routine veterinary drug analysis workflow.
  • Learn about Agilent’s “workflow solution” product, which provides pre-defined consumables, sample preparation methods, instrumental analysis methods, and results reporting in a comprehensive package

Keynote speaker:

Patrick Batoon, Ph.D, Triple quadrupole LC/MS Product Manager, Agilent Technologies Inc

Patrick Batoon is the Product Manager of Triple Quadrupole LC/MS at Agilent Technologies. His Ph.D was obtained at University of the Pacific with a focus on mass spectrometry fundamentals such as ionization efficiency, ion-molecule reactions, and ion fragmentation pathways. Joining the company in 2016, he was formerly a chemist in Agilent’s LC/MS Quadrupole R&D group, as part of the core team for the Ultivo LC/TQ and LC/MSD iQ.

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