Global micronised salt sales soar

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A new report has predicted growth in the global micronised salt market due to its extensive use in the bakery industry.

According to a new report by Persistence Market Research the global micronised salt market should have a promising CAGR of 3.6 percent by the end of 2028 and is estimated to surpass the valuation of $3,305.8 million through 2028.

A large share of revenue for the micronised salt market is attributed to the bakery and confectionery products, owing to the extensive utilisation of micronised salt for the preparation of baked goods, snacks, bread, and similar other products.

Another reason for the growth of the global micronised salt market is due the rising demand for preserved and processed meat products.

Micronised salt, with its property to extend the shelf life of food products, means it’s used heavily in the processed food and beverage industry.

In addition to this, the demand for micronised salt has also been increasing in household applications, which is yet another strong growth driver for the market.

Increasing demand for micronised salt can be attributed to the growing demand for bakery products.

Based on the end-use applications, the micronised salt market is segmented into canned or preserved fruits and vegetables, beverages, milk and dairy products, meat, seafoods and poultry, and bakery and confectionery products. Increasing demand for micronised salt can be attributed to the perpetually growing demand for bakery products such as bread, baked goods, and snacks.

North America remains a dominant region for the growth of the micronised salt market. There has been a robust demand for processed and preserved meat products, which further requires longer shelf life. As a result, micronised salt remains an ideal solution for the preservation of a wide category of food and beverages.

Globally, North America and Western Europe accounted for over 40.3 percent of the micronised salt market share in 2017.

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