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The new PCE-ISFET pH meter from PCE Instruments has been designed for food applications. The glass free electrode makes it particularly safe to use in food production as no glass splinters can get into the food if the electrode breaks. Unlike glass pH electrodes, ISFET pH sensors are highly resilient and do not require wet storage.

The new PCE-ISFET pH meter from PCE Instruments has been designed for food applications.

They give reliable results under tough conditions. The PCE-ISFET pH tester’s highly sensitive electronics can achieve a resolution and accuracy of 0.005 pH, at a measurement range of 0.00 … 16.00 pH. The PCE-ISFET pH meters can also be used to check permanently installed pH meters often used in food production.

The 3.2″ LCD colour display with backlight makes all measurement results and other information clearly readable. The pH value is displayed in a large font and is continuously displayed during menu operation. The intuitive and user-friendly interface available in multiple languages allows quick access to the meter’s advanced features and settings. Large ergonomic keys makes it easy to navigate through the menu and to select options.

The intelligent calibration wizard simplifies the calibration process, reducing calibration time and error susceptibility. A complete calibration report is displayed at the end of the procedure. You can do a 1-,2-, 3- and 5-point calibration.

The measured data (up to 65,000 measured values) as well as calibration reports can be saved and transferred to a computer via USB. The software is included in the standard package. However, the probes must be ordered separately. The available probes are:

  • a multi-purpose cone shaped probe with a glass free ISFET pH sensor
  • a specially designed probe for small amounts of liquid (e. g. a droplet) with a glass free ISFET pH sensor
  • a probe with a steel tip for penetration and measurement of non-liquid samples like fruit, vegetables, meat, etc., either light-weight version without handle or version with handle for better grip
  • a compact and robust probe with small diameter of 5 mm
  • a laboratory probe with very small diameter of 3 mm that fits in test tubes and mini-cuvettes; tip and barrel made of highly inert PEEK

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