Roha implement a replacement for carmine in dairy products

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Roha launches Natracol Ultra Cran Red as a replacement for carmine in dairy products.


Roha launches Natracol Ultra Cran Red as a replacement for carmine in dairy products.


The steadily increasing awareness about food in general and food additives in particular indicates that more and more consumers now take due consideration to find out the source of the different food ingredients before consumption. In the recent past, many food and beverage companies all over the world have had a decisive relook at their offerings entailing certain food additives that might be natural but of a contestable source. 

Among the many products in question is carmine. In fact, most of the food and beverage industry using red food colour is currently faced with a challenge of the regulatory and discernment issues of the consumers as well as food safety enforcement agencies.

In that context, Roha is endeavouring to embed its imprint in an ever evolving food and beverage market and meet the global demand for all natural food products with the launch of an exciting new product, ‘Natracol Ultra Cran Red’, which readily disperses in dairy liquids to produce a vibrant shade and has the ability to provide various shades of red from light pink to brilliant orange to red.

Natracol Ultra Cran Red is a suitable replacement of FD&C Red 40 for ice creams and frozen desserts. The product also works effectively with a variable range of PH and is also more cost effective to the other commonly used natural colour-Lycopene. The product is also highly stable to exposure to light and disperses effectively in milk giving the desired range of stable colouring. Most important of all, the product has proven to be an extremely capable replacement of carmine in dairy products and, unlike Carmine, it is Halal and Kosher certified in all countries.

The Managing Director of ROHA Dyechem, Mr. Brijesh Tibrewala described the company’s thought process behind the innovation. In his words, “With the launch of Natracol Ultra Cran Red, Roha has tried and created an awareness that natural colours can be taken to a customized and sustainable level and can be effectively used for frozen desserts and dairy products for its various advantages over the existing options”.

Talking about the challenges of usage of natural red food colours for dairy applications, the Vice President of Global Colour Application and R&D of Roha- Byron Madkins said:

“When it comes to the red food colour, most red colours are based on carmine which as a food ingredient is causing a fair bit of discomfort to the sensibilities of consumers and is facing regulatory and consumer concerns. Also due to the almost neutral pH of milk, most natural colours either provide shades of red tilting more towards bluish red and purple or have stability issues towards Ph, heat and light. We attempt to address all those issues effectively including the versatility, cost and application advantages.”

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