Why Cargill’s Cocoa Promise represents the fight for gender equality

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We celebrate International Women’s Day by looking at what Cargill are doing to empower women in the cocoa supply chain…

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Women’s economic empowerment is critical to a sustainable cocoa sector.

It is women’s economic wellbeing that builds the capacity of farms, and is directly linked to a more productive crop, increased household income, better educated children, and enhanced health and nutrition and as a result, Cargill have responded with the Cargill Cocoa Promise. The scheme aims to championing female role models across the cocoa value chain.

“It’s clear we need to champion women across the cocoa value chain – helping them to get the recognition they deserve for their contribution by giving role models more visibility and, ultimately, challenging the gender stereotypes that so often hold women back,” say Cargill.

We must all take a similar leadership role in women’s economic empowerment – we are working to offer the skills, the tools and the resources to empower women in cocoa communities. We are doing so systematically, at scale and across the value chain and our evidence-based approach means that we can quantify the difference we are making.

Our impact-focused approach also means that we can quantify the difference we’re making across the cocoa value chain.

“What better time than International Women’s Day to showcase and celebrate the contribution that women make to cocoa sustainability across the value chain – we hope you find our interactive booklet interesting and inspiring.

For more on cocoa sustainability, read why Barry Callebaut are offering an example of how best to marry both innovation and sustainability…

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