NDC Technologies’ Products Are in the Fight Against COVID-19

Posted: 25 June 2020 | | No comments yet

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of intelligent, connected measurement and control solutions, is deemed an “essential business” and plays a vital role in enabling its customers to produce the necessary goods used in the fight against COVID-19.

NDC Feature

Many of NDC Technologies’ customers are involved in the manufacture of life-critical products, such as medical tubing, hygienic packaging, wire and cable for medical devices, essential food products and other items. As an example, one of NDC Technologies’ customers, Onyx Hose & Tube, manufactures medical tubing for oxygen delivery systems and ventilators for field hospitals in Central Park, NYC. As with Onyx Hose & Tube and all of its “essential business” customers, NDC Technologies is providing the highest level of support – both on-site and remote – to ensure on-going production and business continuity. This story and others can be watched on NDC Technologies’ YouTube channel.

Much of this prompt, front-line customer support is accomplished through the company’s myNDC service cloud. This progressive, end-to-end support site offers customers an easier and more direct way to interact with the NDC Technologies’ service team. myNDC offers 24-7-365 support and enables NDC Technologies’ team members to efficiently create incidents, view a customer’s installed base or service history and tap into a comprehensive and growing knowledge base. Customers have access to a rich database of frequently asked questions, can quickly reach NDC Technologies support through several channels and easily generate their own Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) for product repairs. myNDC also offers live chat for immediate support and feedback to customer service requests. In addition, language support enables customers to efficiently access content, features and functions in their own language such as French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.

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