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Fera Science Ltd
National Agri-Food Innovation Campus
Sand Hutton
York, YO41 1LZ
United Kingdom

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Fera Science’s origins in delivering world-class science began over 100 years ago as the Institute for Plant Pathology services.  True to our heritage we are proud that our continued successes help to address some of today’s biggest challenges, including coping with the impact of global population growth and the need to make efficient sustainable use of natural resources. Our innovations form the basis for sustainable and profitable business activity and are key to achieving leadership positions in all of our markets.

Fera is a national and international centre of excellence for interdisciplinary investigation and problem solving across plant and bee health, crop protection, sustainable agriculture, food and feed quality and chemical safety in the environment.

We create and deliver integrated, innovative and expert research services and products for our partners in crop protection, chemical and animal health companies, as well as food producers and growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We also support and work closely with governments, academia and leading research organisations.

Our values

We are a caring and responsible company committed to making the world a better, healthier and safer place. Original thinking develops new products and services making our customers and us successful. Pioneers in new diagnostic approaches and analytical science driving ingenious products and techniques. Our research collaborations protect and support the environment addressing the global challenges. We see difficulty as an opportunity to demonstrate our ability. It is these values that strengthen our industry relationships, working closely to develop new and far reaching products and services and conducting research that will drive innovative products and solutions across the agri-food industry

Fera acts as National Reference Laboratory under Regulation (EC) No. 882/2004 across 7 areas of specialisms. This Regulation establishes a harmonised framework of rules for Member States to adhere to at a Community level for monitoring and enforcing feed and food law to ensure feed and food is safe and wholesome.

Applications & Methods