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Food allergens in the food fraud chain

18 August 2016 | By Valerie Tear, Food Safety Consultant

Food fraud is a challenge, both to food businesses and consumers, and is a growing concern worldwide. Couple this with the introduction of allergens into the food fraud supply chain and the results can have devastating consequences. The impact of food allergens entering foods undetected through food fraud can be…

The application of seafood processing by-products in the food industry

18 August 2016 | By Dr. Reza Tahergorabi, Assistant Professor, Food and Nutritional Sciences, NC A&T State University (USA)

It has been reported by numerous popular media that fish stocks are declining and several commercial fisheries are currently over-exploited and will collapse by the mid-century. On the other hand, as with other foods, seafood processing generates large quantities of by-products. A typical example is fish filleting to recover boneless…

Food for thought: Food grade lubricants

18 August 2016 | By Eduard M. Stempfel, Global Product Manager and Application Specialist, FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH

Within the FUCHS Group, FUCHS LUBRITECH, based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, is the expert for special application lubricants. A team of more than 500 specialists around the world work to meet the industry needs. Service is a crucial and fundamental component of the offering.

How can we help the honey bee?

17 August 2016 | By Paul Gregory, Senior Trader Interlake Forage Seeds

New Food talks to Paul Gregory of Interlake Forage Seeds ahead of Saturday's National Honey Bee Day as we discuss how to help the honey bee...

Unravelling acid whey processing by understanding lactose crystallisation

16 August 2016 | By , ,

Nowadays acid whey typically refers to the ever expanding amounts of whey originating from Greek style yoghurt. However, not every acid whey is the same. As lactose crystallisation in acid whey is complex and affected by many factors, including the presence of lactic acid, minerals and proteins, it is more…

Change your body age with whey proteins and milk materials

16 August 2016 | By New Food

In the second of two infographics courtesy of Arla Foods, the importance of maintaining a young body age by incorporating an increased consumption of whey proteins and milk material into our everyday diet is explored.

Dried fruit: dispelling the sugar myth

16 August 2016 | By Jennette Higgs, Consultant Dietitian, California Prune Board

Jennette Higgs, International Dietitian and Consultant discusses and dispels the false myth of dried fruit as a sugar-filled dentist's nightmare...

Acid whey: Providing solutions for dairy waste

15 August 2016 | By New Food

In the first of two infographics courtesy of Arla Foods, we explore how acid whey can be transformed into new, exciting products offering a solution to the increasing issue of waste in the dairy industry.

Superfoods with Barney Mauleverer, co-founder of I Am Super

9 August 2016 | By New Food

Following on from our article last week introducing the innovative I Am Super Grains product, this week we have an exclusive interview with founder Barney Mauleverer to discuss the intricacies of the product, new deals on the horizon and the future of the brand.