Confectionery supplement 2015

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Articles in this Confectionery supplement: Nutritional trends in cocoa beverages, Sugar: does it have to be the bad guy? Plus a preview of ProSweets Cologne 2016…

Confectionery supplement

In this Confectionery supplement, sponsored by AMP-Rose, Konica Minolta, University of Nottingham, NETZSCH Confectionery, Sandvik, Formulaction and Bronkhorst:

  • Nutritional trends in cocoa beverages
    Frédéric Robin, Project Manager / Michael Fritz, Manufacturing Support Manager and cocoa beverages expert / Claire-Lise Bechert, Nutritionist / Myriam Gensbittel, Consumer Specialist – all from Nestlé Product Technology Center, Orbe, Switzerland
    Cocoa beverages have evolved over the years from the original Maya beverage, requiring a specific preparation ritual, to a powder that is simply dispersed into hot or cold milk. This beverage, once reserved to the elite, has now become a core of many children’s diet, being mainly consumed at breakfast. Cocoa powder is generally added to milk, making this drink a parents’ ally to increase milk consumption. Hence, product acceptance cannot be compromised. Cocoa beverages are excellent carriers of micronutrients and can also be rethought in terms of balanced nutrition. In addition to nutritionally complement the already known benefits of milk, this beverage category is perfectly adapted to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well to being part of a solution to reduce the too high consumption in sugar.
  • Sugar: does it have to be the bad guy?
    Stephanie Anthony, Editor of New Food Magazine
    With ProSweets Cologne 2016 on the horizon, it is natural for our thoughts to turn towards confectionery. Chocolate, gummy sweets, boiled sweets – the possibilities are endless; confectionery is a huge industry, with one thing in common – sugar. However, in today’s modern world it is becoming increasingly important to consumers that the food they eat is healthy; and we are a lot more aware about what is ‘good’, and what is ‘bad’ for us. Sugar is of course one of the key things we are told to reduce in our diet, but it is also the fundamental component of confectionery. So, what is the confectionery industry to do? With pressure from consumers and government, is there a possibility of ‘healthy’ confectionery in the future, and what options are looking promising?
  • Show Preview: ProSweets Cologne 2016

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