Chocolate Processing supplement 2014

Posted: 6 January 2015 | | 2 comments

In this Chocolate Processing supplement we take a look at Chocolate conching and the caramel taste of milk chocolates, plus the use of aeration to create smooth, light chocolate…

Chocolate Processing supplement
  • Chocolate conching: The caramel taste of milk chocolates
    Wolfgang Danzl, Brewing Engineer, Technical University of Munich and Dr Gottfried Ziegleder, Senior Scientist, University of Applied Science, Weihenstephan
    The preferred type of milk chocolate varies from country to country. The specific milky taste may range from creamy, fresh-milky over caramel to cooked or cheesy. These properties are to some extent caused by the specific ingredients, different whole or skim milk powders, milk crumb, or whey powders in combination with milk fat. But caramel taste and creaminess are properties that are also strongly influenced by the conching process…
  • Aeration: Creating smooth, light chocolate
    Wael Haffar, Engineering Projects Manager, Mars
    The consistent increase in cocoa prices over the last 20 years have put chocolate manufacturers under pressure to focus on new ways to lower their costs without losing their quality competitive advantage. What started in the 1930s using propellant mixers to produce aerated chocolates has advanced to using state-of-the-art multiple head aerators that can make chocolates of different bubble sizes and textures, coloured marshmallows and candies…

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2 responses to “Chocolate Processing supplement 2014”

  1. Athan says:

    How to increase the chocolate flavor in bakery products so that to retain some flavor after baking…

  2. Myldre Sanchez says:

    Hi , i want to read more about chocolate process and its relation with taste

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