With a trusted digital signature, your wine can go anywhere

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Gordon Burns, ETS Laboratories, explained how you can use NMR for brand protection and ensuring supply chain integrity of wine in an insightful webinar. Read the highlights…

With a trusted digital signature, your wine can go anywhere

For more than 40 years, ETS Labs has been a partner to the wine industry. As an independent analytical laboratory, we offer a broad selection of analytical techniques specifically developed for the unique needs of winemaking and the commerce of wine.

We pride ourselves upon fostering the success of our clients, who make some of finest wines in the world, as we set the industry standard for analysis and verification through techniques such as:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis
  • Liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy (LC/MS and LC/MS/MS QQQ)
  • Gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS and GC/MS/MS QQQ)
  • High automated routine analytical chemistries
  • High-throughput multiplexed qPCR testing
  • Microbiological analysis and testing.

As consumer demands shift, the wine industry is incorporating science and technology to ensure the integrity of its product through the supply chain.

Today’s global wine consumers demand more transparency than ever before. They want to trust the origin and integrity of what they buy, and their need for trust extends from the point of sale throughout the supply chain.

Meeting this growing need will take a major change by the industry. Verification creates trust. To verify your products and safeguard their value, you can leverage the unique information that identifies a wine’s region, variety, and chain of custody at each point in the journey from vineyard to glass.

Supported by enabling technologies such as blockchain, these data points create a complete verification solution based in the product itself – a wine’s unique digital signature.

Using NMR for brand protection and ensuring supply chain integrity of wine

This webinar is available to watch on-demand at a time that suits you! 


A wine’s digital signature is the key to unlocking tomorrow’s supply chain.

As wines travel through a global supply chain, their unique digital signatures can travel with them. A key part of the signature is the wine’s NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) profile, which can be tested at any point and linked back to a central database.

NMR is one of the most accurate analytical tools in science. It uses a similar detection technology to that found in a medical MRI to analyse the material composition of a sample through that sample’s unique NMR spectra. NMR’s unique qualities, which makes it a perfect tool for verifying authenticity of wines, include:

  • Gold-standard analytical tool
  • Each spectrum is unique
  • Highly accurate and reproducible technique
  • Used and recognised worldwide.

A wine’s NMR profile is stored in a secure central database which is always available for additional verification during each step of the wine supply chain. These are:

  • Step one: When the wine is produced, it is analysed and its unique digital signature established
  • Step two: During transportation, the wine’s digital signature follows the product and can be used to verify authenticity
  • Step three: Digital signature verifies wine anywhere along supply chain
  • Step four: As the wine is distributed and sold, its digital signature can follow the product to the customer
  • Step five: Wine’s integrity assured for producers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

This webinar is available to watch on-demand now. To find out more, click here. 

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