Whitepaper: 4 steps to improve the management of supplier due diligence and accelerate business growth

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Supplier compliance is mostly seen as complex, time consuming and a burden. This booklet from Muddy Boots shows how it no longer needs to be so onerous and how when done properly, can transform this data into a powerful tool for business growth…

The problem when dealing with supplier compliance is that most companies in the food industry find it complex, time consuming and an administrative burden. Muddy Boots Software is renowned for helping food businesses to improve on the process of collecting, storing and reporting of their due diligence data.

This booklet will show you in 4 easy steps, how to transform your due diligence processes so that you can use the data collected into a powerful business development tool.

Webinar: eBook: Thermo Fisher Scientific Food Integrity Collection 2017

Over the course of the year Thermo Fisher Scientific have provided expert comment on a whole swathe of issues including food fraud, origin testing and labelling regulations. This collection also provides access to Thermo Fisher’s Food Authenticity webinar series for 2017, where experts delve into olive oil characterisation, gelatin speciation, honey and chromatography, and more.

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For 20 years, we’ve been helping food businesses improve the management of their due diligence documentation. The consistent challenge when dealing with compliance is that it’s always been complex, time consuming and perceived as a burden.

We’ve put together this booklet to show you how the management of compliance no longer needs to be the onerous task that makes the whole industry groan. Not only that, we’re also going to explain how you can use it as a powerful business development asset in four easy steps.

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