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Case Study: Safeguard product quality with TOC analysis

Posted: 7 January 2021 | | No comments yet

Flavors manufacturer uses TOC data to verify equipment cleanliness and safeguard product quality.

This case study explores a tobacco flavors manufacturer in Asia who required a monitoring solution to verify equipment cleanliness. 

The manufacturer decided to evaluate TOC analysis. Monitoring for TOC enables rapid and accurate detection of flavor and fragrance residues, as these products are organic or have organic components. TOC analysis also captures trace amounts of hydrocarbon-based cleaning agents that may remain after CIP cycle completion, thus offering a complete snapshot of cleaning effectiveness.

TOC analysis provided this manufacturer with a reliable, quantifiable, and comprehensive method for verifying equipment cleanliness to safeguard product quality. TOC data is used to not only confirm removal of trace product residues on vessel surfaces, but also to confirm removal of cleaning agents and optimize CIP cycles.

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