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Application note: A protocol for the use of Nalgene Analytical Filter Funnels and Cellulose Nitrate Membranes in recovery of microorganisms during environmental and/or quality testing

Posted: 20 November 2020 | | No comments yet

Filtration is a common practice in water quality and/or food and beverage testing. The critical considerations when establishing a filtration protocol are flow rate of the liquid tested and microbial recovery rate.

Analytical filters and filter funnels are routinely used to determine the microbial counts during water quality testing as well as testing liquid products in the food and beverage industry. Thermo Scientific Nalgene Analytical Filter Funnels and Nalgene cellulose nitrate membrane filters paired with Thermo Fisher Oxoid and Remel culture media offer a complete and efficient solution. The sterile pre-assembled analytical filter funnels eliminate time-consuming steps of sterilizing reusable funnels and assembling filter membranes.

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