The detection and screening of mycotoxins by LC-MS/MS

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6 September 2012

AB Sciex Mass SpectrometerAbout this webinar

This free to view webinar covers the different approaches to the detection of mycotoxin contamination in food by LC-MS/MS. It covers examples using highly sensitive systems to simplify the extraction and analysis and detection of these toxins at low levels. The additional benefits of using accurate mass or SelexION™ ion mobility in this application area are also covered.


  • Screening of mycotoxins in Food by triple, quadrupole and QTRAP LC-MS/MS Dr Stephen Lock PhD
  • High Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry in mycotoxin analysis: higher selectivity to improve analyte confirmation Dr Ondrej Lacina PhD
  • Boosting the performance of LC-MS/MS analysis of mycotoxins and their transformation products by using innovative separation techniques Dr Florian Huebner

Keynote speakers

Dr Stephen Lock obtained his PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University College of Swansea in 1993. Previously a lecturer of Chemistry at the University of Hull and a senior scientist at CCFRA he has worked for AB SCIEX™ in various technical support roles for over 14 years and is presently the Application Manager for Europe and European managed territories. He has over 20 years’ experience in analytical chemistry with over 15 in the development of LCMS methods for the analysis of biological, environmental and food extracts. Steve is currently a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and is a Chartered Chemist. He is also a member of the AOAC and sits on the Expert Review Panel for Strategic Food Analytical Methods. Stephen has presented at well over 25 international meetings around the world.  He is author of numerous technical publications, training programs, and journal articles as well as co-inventor of several IP fillings.

Ondrej Lacina PhD is a young scientist at the Department of Food Chemistry and Analysis of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague. He is an expert in LC–MS analysis and method development. He works on food safety and environmental research with an emphasis on the development of LC–MS/MS and LC–HR/MS methods for analysis of pesticide residues, mycotoxins, pharmaceuticals and halogenated compounds. He is also involved in a variety of national and internationals research projects dealing with these compounds.

Dr. Florian Huebner studied food chemistry at the University of Hamburg including internships at the Dr. Fintelmann and Dr. Mayer Laboratories GmbH and the Institut fuer Hygiene und Umwelt graduating with the second state examination (staatl. gepr. Lebensmittelchemiker). After obtaining his PhD in Food Chemistry from the Westfaelische Wilhems-Universitaet of Muenster, Germany in 2011, he became a tenured research staff (Akademischer Rat) at the Institute of Food Chemistry in Muenster, where he gives lectures in food analysis and method validation. Florians research interest are mainly in the areas of mycotoxins, food analysis and mass spectrometry.

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