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Belly Down and Eccentric

22 February 2010 | By Greg Sutcliffe, Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Meeting a steam plant for the first time is a bit like meeting a person for the first time (stay with me here!). Before can you consciously think, just a quick glance and you have formed an early impression and evaluated that poor person, or…err….steam system. For me it’s like…

Less can be more

15 February 2010 | By Greg Sutcliffe, Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Are you abusing your steam control valves through the unnecessary practise of OVER SIZING? We have choices here people and the key to success is having the right flow conditions from the start.

Bed time reading

15 February 2010 | By Greg Sutcliffe, Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Back in the day, before the advent of the internet, and we all lived our lives in glorious monochrome, my beloved mentor explained that for the decent steam guys, there was only one book – “The Efficient Use of Steam” by Oliver Lyle, c.1947.

New ProtoCOL 2 UV Imaging Accessory

2 February 2010 | By Synbiosis

Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is delighted to introduce ProcUV, its new UV imaging accessory for the ProtoCOL 2 system. ProcUV permits instant imaging of fluorescent colonies and plaques so they can be automatically counted or analysed by ProtoCOL 2, thus saving time and improving accuracy of…

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most hygienic of them all?

27 November 2009 | By Dr. John Holah, Head of Food Hygiene, Campden BRI

Whilst we believe that food safety is a major issue in the food industry, it rarely features in the press; hygiene in the healthcare sector, particularly related to the control of healthcare acquired infections (HAI’s), is, however, rarely out of the media. With the media attention focused on healthcare hygiene,…

Neogen Europe introduces a rapid DNA-based test for Campylobacter spp.

6 November 2009 | By Neogen Europe

Neogen Europe Ltd has introduced GeneQuence® Campylobacter, a new DNA hybridization test for the detection of Campylobacter spp. GeneQuence Campylobacter qualitatively detects Campylobacter spp. in whole chicken carcasses following only 48 hours of enrichment in patented Campy-Cefex culture media.

The food & beverage industry is wasting taxpayers’ money and ignoring the wishes of consumers

14 October 2009 | By Huub Lelieveld, Executive Committee, Global Harmonistaion Initiative

Despite the fact that preservation of food is essential to ensure that we have food during winter times, for several decades, consumers and consumer organisations have shown an aversion against the most-applied traditional preservation methods: the addition of chemical preservatives, such as sorbic acid, and the use of heat to…

New Brochure for Colony Counter and Zone Measurement Systems

13 October 2009 | By Synbiosys

Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is pleased to announce the availability of its ProtoCOL 2 series brochure, which details how its automated colony counting and zone measurement range can increase accuracy and productivity in many microbiology applications.

Neogen launches Veratox® for T-2/HT-2 toxins

12 October 2009 | By Neogen Europe

In response to proposed regulation in the European Union, Neogen has improved its Veratox® for T-2 Toxin test kit to simultaneously detect the closely related HT-2 mycotoxin.