High performance metal detection and removal solutions for ingredients and food processing

Posted: 12 October 2011 | Lock Inspection Systems | No comments yet

Expertise in metal detecting freefalling or gravity fed foods & ingredients…

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Lock is renowned worldwide for its expertise in metal detecting freefalling or gravity fed foods and ingredients. Following introductions at a number of trade shows this year, considerable interest has been shown in the new, super compact INSIGHT VF system – a logical addition to the INSIGHT range designed to satisfy growing demand for preventive detection and removal of metal fragments early in the production cycle to avoid downtime and damage to expensive process machinery.

Lock Inspection Systems imageWith food manufacturers looking to extract every ounce of value from their assets, the potential benefits to be accrued by removing contamination before valuable manufacturing time has been wasted are very attractive and demand for in process contaminant removal is rising significantly in the industry. An increasing number of machinery integrators and turnkey solution providers are incorporating one or more metal detectors in new lines at very modest cost but with the expectation of huge efficiency benefits.

Lock has used its 60 plus years of food industry experience to develop the INSIGHT VF system. When supplied with 100mm aperture and sealed flap reject, an INSIGHT VF can be installed in a mere 805mm of space making it the smallest high performance system of its type on the market. Sensitivity of the high frequency unit is an astonishing 0.6mm (Fe) and 0.8mm (StSt316) – when combined with a fall height of up to 800 mm, performance is unrivalled in the industry.