Kemira ChemSolutions and Dr. Paul Lohmann join forces on meat safety

Posted: 11 October 2011 | Kemira Chemsolutions b.v. | No comments yet

Kemira’s ChemSolutions, has joined forces with Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG…

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Kemira’s ChemSolutions, the world’s largest supplier of organic acids and salts, specialized in food safety has joined forces with Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG, the world-wide market leader in the production of special salts. With the dedicated distribution network of both companies in Germany, Austria, France and Denmark, Kemira and Dr. Paul Lohmann will strengthen their position and offer highly effective products to the food industry, addressing the increasing concern for food safety and quality. This cooperation will utilize the expertise of both companies in the food industry by promoting special functional organic salts for meat safety and preservation, such as the recently developed Kemira Provian product line.

Kemira Provian® is a product line based on novel compositions of organic salts such as sodium acetate and lactate, delivered in free-flowing powder forms, which offers superior properties to customers. Provian products have been tested in many independent research institutes and their efficacy in inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria has been proved in different processed meat products. In addition, the dry formula makes Provian products easy to handle, convenient to store and more cost- effective than liquid alternatives. Finally to tackle the sodium reduction requirements that the food industry implemented, new potassium based products are under development.

“The cooperation with Dr. Paul Lohmann will definitely help to further develop our Provian family of products used in processed meat preservation products in Europe for the benefit of our customers”, says Irene Quintana, Vice President Food&Feed, ChemSolutions.

Kemira ChemSolutions offers chemical products and customer-driven solutions to the feed, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Utilizing application expertise, Kemira’s customers can benefit through improved profitability and enhanced product quality.

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG is the worldwide market leader in the production of special salts for the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.