Listeria in the city of Vaasa and Eastern Finland – source of the outbreak is under investigation

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Ten listeria cases were detected among patients with febrile diarrhoea….

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Ten listeria cases were detected among patients with febrile diarrhoea in the Vaasa city hospital during the month of July. Two more cases were detected in Eastern Finland, one in Juva and one in Mikkeli. No deaths have occurred. The bacterial strains typed were identical which may imply a common source of infection.

Listeria is a food-borne infection. The exposure period in Vaasa is presumably between July 13th and 17th. The food items consumed by the patients have been identified and are now currently under investigation. The identification of the source of the infection for the cases in Eastern Finland has been initiated.

THL and Evira are supporting the local and regional health and food authorities to resolve the source of the infections.

More information:

Katri Jalava
Senior Scientist, THL
tel. +358 29 524 8557

Petri Ruutu
Professor, Director, THL
tel. +358 29 524 8670

Annika Pihlajasaari
Senior Inspector, Evira
tel. +358 29 530 4271

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