FSA advice to caterers on the safe handling of eggs

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The FSA is reminding caterers of its advice on the safe handling of eggs…

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The FSA is today reminding caterers of its advice on the safe handling of eggs. Strong circumstantial evidence suggests that eggs used in catering establishments may be linked to the recent outbreak of salmonella in England.

There is also evidence to indicate that cases in Europe with the same strains of salmonella infection are associated with consumption of eggs.

The FSA is reminding caterers of the following advice:

  • keep eggs away from other foods, when they are still in the shell and when you have cracked them open
  • don’t use damaged or dirty eggs
  • be careful not to splash raw egg onto other foods, surfaces or dishes
  • if you are breaking eggs to use later (sometimes called ‘pooling’) keep the liquid egg in the fridge and take out small amounts as needed
  • use all ‘pooled’ liquid egg on the same day and don’t add new eggs to top it up
  • cook eggs and foods containing eggs thoroughly
  • use pasteurised egg for raw or lightly cooked foods
  • always wash and dry your hands thoroughly after touching eggs or working with them
  • clean food areas, dishes and utensils thoroughly and regularly, using warm soapy water, after working with eggs
  • serve egg dishes straight away, or cool them quickly and keep chilled

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