Need to Save Lab Space? Discover a Compact Balance that Lets You Do More with Less: The ML-T.

Posted: 14 May 2020 | | No comments yet

If your lab is like many around the world, you are often asked to do more with less. This can also mean working with less bench space.

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With the ML-T balance from METTLER TOLEDO, you can save space, maximize your weighing performance, and enhance user safety. Plus, get 50% off a new lab data writer for a limited time to keep your data accurate and improve traceability.

To support accuracy, productivity, and safety in your lab, METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to offer the ML-T. The precise measurements of the smallest footprint in our robust balance portfolio are just 290 x 184 millimeters. This means that the ML-T leaves extra room on your bench for critical accessories and peripherals.

Rest assured that the small footprint of the ML-T does not mean you have to give up essential features. ML-T provides the reliability you expect thanks to FACT and high-precision MonoBloc weighing cells. Plus, you never have to worry about missing data. Easy connectivity via LAN, USB, and RS232 lets you link easily to your important peripherals.

Perhaps most importantly, as the world works to limit the spread of Covid-19, the ML-T is also easy-to-clean. This helps to reduce cross-contamination and disease-transmission risk. Additionally, safety features such as “Glove Mode” mean that operators can wear personal protective equipment yet still get critical research work done, even when using shared equipment.

Discover what 75 years of weighing excellence can do for your lab’s productivity and accuracy. Learn more about the ML-T compact balance and add a data writer at 50% off to eliminate transcription error risk today.

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