LabVantage solutions adds first fully integrated Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) to its industry-leading LIMS platform

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LabVantage Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of laboratory informatics solutions and services including purpose-built LIMS solutions that allow labs to go live faster and at a lower total cost, has announced that the upcoming 8.5 edition of its industry-leading LabVantage platform will include the first fully integrated Scientific Data Management System (SDMS).

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The SDMS is embedded in and seamlessly interfaces with all elements of the LabVantage platform, including LIMS (laboratory information management systems), ELN (electronic laboratory notebooks), and LES (laboratory execution systems). The integrated SDMS automatically collects and protects instrument and other relevant data as it is generated, which provides a rich informatics and analytical resource that enables better lab management, improved quality control and enhanced security. Full integration means that all relevant lab-generated data can be collected automatically and then quickly made available to laboratory staff in several formats. Importantly, integration ensures data integrity and security, by eliminating the need to transfer data between system components, typically a weak link in the process.

“Listening to our customers is a core value at LabVantage, and our fully integrated SDMS is an example of how listening translates into innovations that address specific needs,” said John Heiser, CEO of LabVantage. “Customers told us they wanted to capture laboratory data quickly and easily and did not want the hassle of integrating an external SDMS.”

Mr Heiser continued, “In line with our commitment to helping customers achieve the benefits of digital transformation, we chose to develop and implement a fully integrated SDMS as part of our upcoming LabVantage 8.5 upgrade—the only SDMS specifically designed for LabVantage integration. This user-friendly, all-in-one system shares the LabVantage platform and technology. It is comprehensive, very easy to use, and offers seamless, continuous data integrity. We invite Pittcon attendees to stop by the LabVantage Theater at Booth #4432 to learn more about the many ways our products can improve the productivity, efficiency, reliability, and security of their laboratory operations.”

The LabVantage Scientific Data Management System enables users to easily collect and secure a wide range of laboratory data from instruments and other elements of the platform. It ensures that data remains secure and available for future re-processing. It immediately captures externally generated data, including from:

  • Complex instruments that generate files, such as chromatography systems
  • Real-time data sources such as freezers
  • Incoming emails and other file captures, including local drives and file shares.

LabVantage SDMS ensures security and control against data loss or modification. It uses powerful graphical parsers or Talend-based drivers to import lab data and offers robust storage options, including the LIMS file system and database. The system deploys remote file collectors to reduce data bottlenecks and quickly links back to files, included delimited, Word, Excel, text, PDF, and more. When needed, the LabVantage SDMS also restores files for re-processing.

LabVantage 8.5 and its integrated SDMS will be available for installation in the coming months. For more information on LabVantage, the most flexible and configurable platform on the market, integrating LIMS, ELN, LES and now SDMS, and offering a wide choice of platform hosting options, visit

LabVantage Solutions is exhibiting at the 2020 Pittcon Conference & Expo in Chicago, IL, 1-5 March, 2020. Visit Booth # 4432 to learn more about LabVantage’s industry-leading LIMS solutions, including its new integrated SDMS capabilities and its SaaS subscription option.

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