Cricket pasta – the edible insect revolution is served

Posted: 22 February 2016 | | 1 comment

For the first time, the most common food in the world contains… insects. With 20% cricket flour, Cricket Pasta has a number of nutritional benefits, and it is set to start a completely new segment in the pasta business.

Cricket pasta – the edible insect revolution is served

Only a couple of years ago, nobody would have thought of a pasta containing insects. Insect flour, to be precise. But in the last few months an entire industry developing food products containing insects has appeared, and seems to be thriving vigorously. Cricket Pasta has recently joined this group of unexpected, newly-born bug delicatessens.

Why cricket flour?

When someone mentions protein, you think of beef. Someone mentions omega-3, salmon is in your mind. When someone mentions iron, it is likely spinach will be named. Cricket flour contains all these nutritional benefits, and more. Crickets have about twice as much protein as cows, and five times more magnesium for about half the calories. But just as important as the nutritional characteristics, cricket flour tastes good. The taste is similar to roasted nuts, and it goes perfectly with wheat flour, creating a pasta with a distinct and satisfying flavour.

For these reasons and more, in 2015 Massimo Reverberi founded the Bangkok-based company Bugsolutely (, which just launched their Cricket Pasta. “The entomophagy industry is based on a simple idea: the entire world eat insects, except western countries,” explained Reverberi. “We are the only people that think crickets are completely different from something like a shrimp, when in fact they are very similar. We eat animals with an obvious disgusting appearance, like an oyster or a snail, but because of our education and subconscious, fuelled by movies and fairy tales, ants or crickets as food gives us that ‘gag’ reflex.”

Reverberi added: “Luckily, market researchers indicate that about half of the western population is willing to overcome this cultural obstacle and try something new. We think that pasta will be a great way to reduce the dissonance for their first time eating bugs. The wide press coverage recently is also helping to correct the prejudices a lot.”

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