Ingredients supplement 2015

Posted: 28 October 2015 | Aaron Fanning, Esra Cakir-Fuller, Jurriaan Mes, Svein H. Knutsen | 1 comment

Articles in this Ingredients supplement: A new way of designing high protein products with micro-particulated whey proteins; Innovations in healthy fibres

Ingredients supplement 2015

This Ingredients supplement is sponsored by Konica Minolta, Roha and Synergy Flavors:

  • A new way of designing high protein products with micro-particulated whey proteins
    Aaron Fanning, Senior Research Scientist and Esra Cakir-Fuller, Research Scientist, Fonterra Research and Development Centre
    Whey is the highly nutritious liquid by-product that results from the coagulation of milk and is generally produced from the manufacture of cheese or casein. Whey protein is a valuable nutrient that is of interest to numerous consumer segments, including infant formula, healthy aging, weight management, sports performance and recovery, and the medical nutrition market…
  • Innovations in healthy fibres
    Jurriaan Mes, Expertise Leader Food Quality & Health Effects, Coordinator EU FibeBiotics, Wageningen UR –Food & Biobased Research / Svein H. Knutsen, Workpackage Leader in EU FibeBiotics, NOFIMA – Norway
    The daily intake of dietary fibres by the population is far below the recommendation. The British Nutrition Foundation concluded in a very thorough report in 2014 that a low fibre intake is associated with constipation and some gut diseases such as bowel cancer and that a high fibre diet can help reduce the risk of diabetes, lower cholesterol, and be part of a healthy diet. Indeed it can be expected that higher fibre intake can help to prevent chronic diseases and that products rich in fibres present an easy and healthy choice by consumers. However it is likely that not all fibres will have identical health-supportive effects. Indeed, some fibres have already shown convincing effects while others have failed to show these benefits when tested in a similar manner. In this article we will review the currently known, as well as the potential health effects, as a basis for communication in the future…

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One response to “Ingredients supplement 2015”

  1. Dr.Kurian Sakariah says:

    Creations of Culinary Art are wonderful things in the world done with innovative ingredients. The Creations of Culinary Art not only appeals the aesthetics and sensory attributes but also promote the health and wellness of the consumers. And it is here that the ingredients that go into the Creations of Culinary Art play the part. Here are some of the ingredients and these products are backed up by high science and green technology.
    Green Peppercorns(dried), a better alternative to black peppercorns because they are closer to fresh peppercorns in terms of natural colour and flavour and ideal ingredient to produce great creations of culinary art. See how they are produced in the link below:
    The health and wellness benefits of curcumin the yellow pigment of the spice turmeric is well documented in scientific literature. The augmentation of health and wellness benefits of curcumin by Piperine the pungent principle of Peppercorns is also well documented. Therefore, it makes sense to have a combination of Green Peppercorns and Turmeric in a judicious manner and incorporate in foods commonly consumed. Mustard paste made with soft Green Peppercorns- turmeric paste as an ingredient will make an exotic recipe. Mustard paste with soft Green Peppercorn-turmeric paste is not only delicious but also serves as a source of curcumin and piperine.
    Tender green Peppercorns berries cured in vinegar when sprinkled on salads imparts an excellent mouth feel for the salads.

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