The Food Safety Conference – Risks, Threats & Vulnerabilities

6 June 2016  •  Source: Food Safety Conference

Where are tomorrow’s food and drink safety threats, recalls, and outbreaks going to appear? The smart food safety players including; Premier Foods, Coca Cola, Arla Foods, Kerry, Nestle, Bacardi, Vita Coco, Genius Foods and Ferrero are striving to identify and reduce threats and vulnerabilities with advanced risk assessments around fraud, contaminants and industry challenges. From next-level, proactive systems and approaches for full supply chain traceability, raw material authenticity and integrity assurance to uncovering retailer’s expectations, embedding a food safety culture and preparing for legislative updates… how can we anticipate what’s coming next? 

The Food Safety Conference – Risks, Threats & Vulnerabilities

Hear from 17+ leading food and drink brands and retailers at The Food Safety Conference – Risks, Threats & Vulnerabilities on 15th September London. Download the brochure here.

Roy Kirby, Global Director Food Safety at Mondelēz will chair the day, welcoming the likes of Salvatore Ranchetti, Group Quality Director at Ferrero, Sue Ashford, Associate Director QESH at Coca-Cola, Paul Dobson, Quality, Safety & Environment Director at Premier Foods and Fran Ball, UK Technical Director at Arla Foods to the stage. They’ll be discussing the hottest industry topics including:

  1. Horizon Scanning & Industry Trends – Anticipating The Next Big Threat: Assess the trends in industry recalls and outbreaks and harness horizon scanning to predict and prepare for emerging risks
  2. Identifying & Reducing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities: Best-practice methods for robust risk assessment and traceability of your raw materials and supply chain to assess the various threats
  3. Food Fraud – Don’t Get Caught Out!Harness insights into the best methods and systems to maintain the authenticity and integrity of your end product
  4. Next-Level Authenticity Testing: Ensure the authenticity of your raw materials and map your supply chain with the latest tools, techniques and developments
  5. Prevent The Threat Of Contamination & Outbreaks: Best-practice detection methods and controls to protect your food and drink products from micro, chemical and physical contamination
  6. Advanced Allergen Control: Avoid the cost of allergen recalls and the risk of cross-contamination with robust detection methods and on-site controls
  7. Uncovering Retailer Expectations: Don’t fall short of retailer expectations and motivations
  8. Successfully Implementing & Preparing For Legislation Updates: Strategies to meet current industry standards and assessing the likely impact of legislation changes
  9. Embedding Food Safety Culture: Best-practice training methods to entrench food safety culture within your organisation

Senior-level peers from across the food and drink industry are set to descend upon London at The Food Safety Conference – Risks, Threats & Vulnerabilities and take away a far better understanding of how to ensure you have robust, proactive systems and process to reduce the risk of food fraud, supply chain vulnerabilities, raw material adulteration and contamination. Not only will this unique, one-day event provide exclusive, real-life case studies, but also the opportunity to discuss and develop practical solutions and strategies to overcome your specific food and drink food safety issues and challenges – gain best-practice advice, assess the trends in industry recalls and harness horizon scanning to predict and prepare for what’s coming next! Download the brochure here.

With limited places available, book online here, email the team at [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 to secure your place today! www.foodsafetytrendsconference.

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