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Guide: Monograph on probiotics, prebiotics and gut microbiota

Posted: 1 February 2023 | | No comments yet

ILSI Europe releases freely available, updated Concise Monograph on Dietary Probiotics, Prebiotics & the Gut Microbiota in Human Health in 7 languages.

The ILSI Europe Probiotic and Prebiotic Task Forces have released the newly updated Concise Monograph on Dietary Probiotics, Prebiotics and the Gut Microbiota in Human Health in English and six additional languages: Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak and Spanish. Initially published nine years ago, this monograph has been updated and translated to provide an easily accessible introduction to the abundant scientific knowledge on prebiotics, probiotics, the intestinal microbiota and how they impact human health.

Based on up-to-date, evidence-based science, ILSI Europe’s concise monograph is a valuable reference work, aimed at informing a wide audience about the intestinal microbiota and the prebiotic and probiotic nutritional concepts. It provides an easily understandable and objective source of information for interested non-specialists across (food) industry, academia, healthcare and governmental agencies.

This updated version covers definitions that have changed, including the updated nomenclature of relevant microbes. The new science around health effects and insights into mechanisms of action, for well-known benefits like digestive, immune and metabolic health, are included. The monograph also addresses emerging research associated with the gut-brain axis, for example, mental health. Advances in technology have allowed novel and more in-depth analyses of the intestinal microbiome and cross-talk with the host, which has also been revised.
Again approved by the International Scientific Association of Pro- and Prebiotics (ISAPP), the updated version is now available in seven languages. This monograph aims to inform non-experts across industry as well as healthcare practitioners about the role of prebiotics and probiotics in human health to support normal bodily functions and reduce the risk of disease through good nutrition. It can also be used as an educational tool to introduce students to the intestinal microbiota, as well as the nutritional concepts of pre-and probiotics.

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