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Trans Fatty Acids (TFA)



Functional lipids in beverage products

30 June 2016 | By Guillermo E. Napolitano, PhD, Expert Scientist, Nestlé Development Center

The last decade has witnessed an extraordinary surge in the development of beverage products containing healthier oils and nutritionally active lipid ingredients. There has been a significant shift from the use of relatively unhealthy, but chemically stable, fats rich in saturated and trans fatty acids (TFA), to healthy and chemically…


Trans fats in foods and the commercial challenges

28 August 2013 | By M. S. Alam Head of Fats and Oils Program, Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A&M University

Fats and oils are major sources of energy, providing nine kilocalories per gram compared to carbohydrates and proteins which provide only four kilocalories per gram and 3.8 kcal/g of energy, respectively. The two major sources of edible fats and oils are plants and animals. Plant sources or vegetable oils are…


New and emerging sources of vegetable fats and oils

11 January 2013 | By Guillermo Napolitano, Expert Scientist, Department of Science and Nutrition, Nestlé Product Technology Center

The science and technology of fats and oils is an extraordinarily active field for a number of good reasons. First, it includes a diverse collection of raw materials for a constantly evolving food industry. In addition, fats and oils ingredients influence every aspect of foods, from the mundane caloric content…


Implementation of removing trans fatty acids originating from PVHO

6 November 2012 | By Sergey Melnikov, Lead Technologist and Oil Processing and Fat Blends Team Leader and Hans Zevenbergen, Nutrition & Health Europe and Cross-Category Nutrition & Health Director, Unilever

Trans fats (also known as trans fatty acids, or TFA) are formed in the digestive system of ruminants. In the food industry, a similar process called ‘partial hydrogenation’ is used to convert vegetable oils into solid fats for enhanced functionality and shelf life stability. The main sources of TFA in…