Mettler-Toledo presents the latest meat inspection solutions at IFFA 2019

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Mettler-Toledo is presenting its latest metal detection, x-ray, checkweighing and vision solutions for ensuring quality and conformity in meat products at IFFA 2019.

With ProdX™ Mettler-Toledo provides the meat industry with powerful and future-proof software for quality and production data management

Mettler-Toledo, one of the market-leading suppliers of product inspection and industrial weighing technologies, will be in hall 11.1, booth B65 at IFFA 2019 on 4 to 9 May 2019 at Messe Frankfurt. There, visitors will be able to meet with the company’s product inspection specialists to discuss the requirements of their specific application and see many of Mettler-Toledo’s latest inline inspection solutions for the meat processing industry.

The HDS pipeline metal detection system, for example, has been specially developed for detecting metal contaminants in meat and features a newly designed, heatable throughput pipe for a more uniform product appearance. The HDS allows the detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants in sausage meat of all kinds, as well as pumped products.

Where multiple contaminants are a risk, the X34 x-ray inspection system is a cost-effective option. High recognition sensitivity enables the detection of very small contaminants reliably and quickly, reducing the danger of costly product recalls. Advanced Contam Plus software enables automated product set-up, dramatically reducing the chance of human error and the number of false rejects. In addition, a 100W ‘Optimum Power’ generator automatically optimises power and contrast levels for every product, delivering power savings to the end user.

Checkweighing requirements in the meat industry are diverse, and Mettler-Toledo has solutions for many applications. The C31 StandardLine is an affordable, reliable option for everyday checkweighing of packaged or unpackaged meat and sausage products. The C35 AdvancedLine offers meat manufacturers and processors maximum flexibility, with around 250 options for performance optimisation and smooth product transport.  

Where space is at a premium or for complex applications, checkweighing can be combined with another inspection technologies into one compact system. The CM35 AdvancedLine combines a dynamic checkweigher and metal detection. Whether used singly or in a combination system, Mettler-Toledo checkweighers are designed for durability and maximum reliability in humid, dry and harsh environments.

Mettler-Toledo’s CM35 AdvancedLine combines a dynamic checkweigher with a metal detector in one compact system

For manufacturers of canned meat products, ensuring label accuracy and brand conformity is key. Mettler-Toledo’s V35 Round Line offers a compact, turnkey vision inspection solution for round, non-oriented containers and will fit on crowded production lines. Using six integral cameras, the V35 performs 360° checks of label quality, text, or other graphic identification.

Even on high-speed production lines or during frequent product changeovers, the system ensures that the correct labeling is applied. It also verifies 1D and 2D barcodes, alpha-numeric text presence and print quality on the label – rejecting products with smeared, misprinted or missing information. Its stainless steel specification makes the V35 ideal for use in IP65 washdown environments.

Mettler-Toledo also provides the meat industry with powerful and future-proof software for quality and production data management. ProdX™ is a PC-based client-server solution that monitors and manages data collected from Mettler-Toledo product inspection devices. It supports and maximises rigorous quality control regimes, drives production optimisation and simplifies production line operation.

ProdX supports more than 30 models of Mettler-Toledo’s metal detection, checkweighing, x-ray, vision inspection and combination systems, from legacy devices up to the newest and all future generations.

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