Hiperbaric displays their first “Hiperbaric 525 Bulk Machine” in the Spanish company Go Fruselva.

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Hiperbaric, the global leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing high-pressure processing machines (HPP) for the food industry will display on Friday 21 September 2018 its new Hiperbaric 525 Bulk equipment. This first unite has been installed in Go Fruselva, Spain.

The Hiperbaric Bulk technology is a worldwide innovation for HPP processing of liquids in bulk (before bottling). Its innovative concept, patent pending, makes it possible: to reduce HPP processing cost and energy consumption, and to use any packaging design, size and material. This new equipment is the most productive HPP system in the world. It is designed to fit perfectly in large production lines of beverage companies.

The Hiperbaric 525 Bulk machine will be presented and operative at Go Fruselva, located in La Selva del Camp (Tarragona), Spain. The Spanish company is specialized in the manufacture and development of food products such as fruit purees, vegetables, dairy products, smoothies, juices, nectars and fruit beverages. In addition, Go Fruselva is the largest pure fruit and juice manufacturer of HPP in the Iberian Peninsula.

“Go Fruselva is very proud to host the first Hiperbaric Bulk installed in the world,” said Xavier Martínez, founder of the company. “Our collaboration with Hiperbaric, who is our supplier for all our HPP machines, allows us to offer our customer non-thermal processed, safe drinks with the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the fresh product and an extended shelf life”.

Andrés Hernando, CEO of Hiperbaric highlights that “Hiperbaric Bulk technology has been developed within the framework of a European project H2020-SME Instrument. Also, the collaboration with Go Fruselva has been of great help to test this new revolutionary equipment in real conditions”. This equipment adds onto the Hiperbaric machine range, which is the widest in the market. It has also been adopted in more than 40 countries and recognized for its quality and reliability. “The Hiperbaric Bulk will allow us to deliver HPP technology to more types of liquids, so that many healthy and quality products are available to a greater number of consumers around the world”.

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