First experiences from increased transparency of aquaculture sources and production systems

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One year after introducing the GLOBALG.A.P. consumer label for fish and seafood from certified aquaculture, 31 farm profiles are now online…

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They represent ten labeled aquaculture products available on the market.

In April, the German retailer GLOBUS introduced the first salmon on ice with the GGN.ORG label, sourced from The Scottish Salmon Company.

Craig Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of The Scottish Salmon Company, said: “Provenance and traceability are of increasing importance to consumers and are paramount to our business. Last year we became the first salmon producer in the UK to secure full GGN licensing, which provides even further reassurance of the premium quality of our Scottish salmon to our customers and consumers. By managing every stage of the production process, from broodstock through freshwater and marine farming to harvesting and packaging, as well as sales and marketing, we can ensure complete supply chain integrity, premium quality and full traceability.”

The Scottish Salmon Company is the leading 100% Scotland-based producer of the finest sea loch fresh Scottish salmon. The company employs over 480 people across its 60 sites on the West Coast of Scotland and the Hebrides. (GGN: 4049929061989)

While GLOBALG.A.P. Certification is already a sourcing requirement for our fresh seafood department, the GGN.ORG label and portal offers our consumers an additional source for information,” said Juergen Pauly, seafood buyer at GLOBUS. “ Our seafood service team welcomes the additional proof of transparency during talks with consumers at our counters.”

Available products with GGN label are listed with pack shots on the website. New licenses are added every month, building up the pipeline of new products that will be available soon. A special newsletter for parties interested in B2B announces new listings.

We are very pleased with the first experience and progress of new products introduced with the GGN label,” said Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P.“ With our market presence in Germany, we are now ready to start our B2C social media activities to support our partners.”

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