Palsgaard achieves CO2 neutrality in Mexico

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Palsgaard has announced it has achieved CO2 neutrality at its Mexican plant.


Palsgaard announces it has achieved COneutrality at its Mexican plant, which represents another step towards the company’s planned global zero-carbon footprint by the end of 2020.


On 16 March in 2016, Palsgaard’s Mexican branch achieved reaching CO2-neutrality with a well-attended event held at the company’s facilities in San Luís Potosí. Alongside local politicians, customers, scholars, and employees, guests included the ambassador of Denmark-Mexico Henrik Bramsen Hahn, Danish-Mexo Energy and Climate Programme representative Ulla Blatt Bendtsen, and Secretariat of Ecology and Environmental Management representative Yvette Salazar Torres.

In his speech, Bramsen Hahn stated: “Palsgaard has been a pioneer for Danish companies and an example to follow in the use of renewable energy in its production processes, which has allowed them to improve their productivity and competitiveness.

“Palsgaard is demonstrating some of the values that Denmark has, such as efficiency, social responsibility, and environmental awareness and is an example to follow for other companies that want to increase their energy efficiency and implement green solutions”.

Today, more than 400 solar panels generate 95% of electrical energy needed to run the factory.

Other projects, such as piping insulation, calorific energy recovery from steam condensates, reductions of energy consumption through LED lamps, and by using natural light via translucent ceiling sheets have also helped reduce emissions.

In 2016, the remaining COemissions related to LPG Gas consumption and 5% of electricity from non-renewable sources was compensated through the purchase of carbon off-sets through the provider MEXICO2. Deloitte has verified that Palsgaard Mexico has achieved a zero-carbon footprint for 2016.

As it is, Mexico has a national target of having a 35% clean energy supply by 2024.

Managing director for Palsgaard Mexico Miguel Hidalgo said: “For us, social responsibility is part of our daily lives.

“This declaration of COneutrality is a clear example of our conviction, commitment and responsibility in contributing to caring for our environment.

“We don’t just talk, we act, and this declaration of COneutrality is an example of the actions we take. We expect to be an example and motivator for other companies and institutions to undertake projects related to social responsibility. We are convinced that together we can contribute to the development of a better society and care for our environment”.

When asked if it is worth the efforts to focus so strongly on COneutrality, Palsgaard’s chief executive officer (CEO) Jakob Thoisen states:

“Yes. Caring for the environment goes beautifully hand-in-hand with good business.

“In fact, if we compile all the things we have implemented so far, waste straw as an energy source, solar panels, wind energy, bio fuel, savings on insulation and heat recovery, then we are talking about very good business.

“This as well because more and more of our customers are becoming environmentally conscious and they appreciate our efforts, because we can help them satisfy the needs and demands of the consumers.”

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