Food hygiene testing with the PCE-SDD Series

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Temperature measurements in the food sector are important for health and safety but also for food quality and shelf life…

Food Hygiene Testing with the PCE-SDD Series

Temperature measurements in the food sector are important for health and safety but also for food quality and shelf life. Controlling the growth of microorganisms in food products using the right temperature test equipment is the key to hygiene and quality.Food Hygiene Testing with the PCE-SDD SeriesFor instance, in the processing, packaging, heating, cooling, storage and transportation of meat, poultry and fish, temperature plays an essential and in some cases safety-sensitive role und must be observed very accurately to meet HACCP requirements. The Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) also stipulates some strict requirements regarding temperature. There are various rules and regulations that companies in the food sector need to stick to.

Food hygiene testing with the PCE-SDD SeriesPCE Instruments recently introduced some new sterile food data loggers to tackle these issues. The PCE-SDD series, consisting of the six devices PCE-SDD, PCE-SDD 10, PCE-SDD 20, PCE-SDD 50, PCE-SDD 100 and PCE-SDD 150, have different sensors with different dimensions to suit the user’s specific application.

These food data loggers are frequently used to control sterilization (at +120 °C) and pasteurization (+90 °C) processes as well as food transportation. Even pharmaceutical companies and lFood hygiene testing with the PCE-SDD Seriesaboratories appreciate the compact meters of the PCE-SDD series as they can be used to validate autoclaves, incubators and sterilizers. They can also be very useful when recording and evaluating the data of bedpan cleaners. The sterile data loggers automatically calculate the F0 value and the Z value, based on the measured temperatures. The F0 value allows conclusions on the time necessary to destroy microorganisms whereas the Z value shows how heat-resistant the microorganisms are. It is even possible to use several of the data loggers at a time and see the different measuring points in a graph if the optional software is purchased.

The devices are made of AISI316L food-safe steel, which allows direct contact with the food when measuring its temperature. The case is IP68 protected, i.e. water- and dustproof, and also pressure-tight up to a maximum of 10 bar. The measurable temperature range is -20 … +140 °C, with a resolution of 0.01 °C. The memory has a capacity of 20,200 values.

PCE Instruments are steadily increasing their range of data loggers for various applications.

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