United Biscuits starts resupplying McVitie’s Toasting Waffles

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Following the voluntary withdrawal from sale of McVitie’s Toasting Waffles, United Biscuits have confirmed that they have started to resupply the product…

Following the voluntary withdrawal from sale of McVitie’s Toasting Waffles earlier this month, United Biscuits has confirmed that it started resupply of the product on 10 July 2015.


New packaging for McVitie’s Toasting Waffles now clearly communicates the recipe change on the front of the pack.

The withdrawal took place after McVitie’s Toasting Waffles production was moved to a new manufacturing site and consequently the recipe and some of the ingredients changed. The new recipe contained milk and lupin, which some consumers are allergic to. Although ingredient changes were updated in the ingredients panel on the product packaging, a small number of consumers purchased or consumed the product before reading the ingredient listing on the pack and without realising there has been a change.

United Biscuits have re-printed packaging with additional advice

United Biscuits took the decision to remove the product from sale until the issue was resolved.

Since the withdrawal on 2 July, United Biscuits have re-printed packaging with additional advice, clearly communicating the recipe change on the front of the pack and directing consumers to the back of pack for the detailed ingredients. In the first instance this will be a sticker communicating the ingredient change followed by printed film to be included on packs by the end of July.

The product will be dated 2.09.15 onwards which are different date codes to the products affected by the withdrawal.

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