Sugar tax poll – the results are in!

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In a poll, we asked if you agree with a tax on high sugar food and drink. The results are now in…

We asked you if you agree with a tax on high sugar food and drink and here are the results:


A few readers decided to contribute their thoughts to the debate.

Bill thinks that a tax will make consumers more aware of the products they are eating, saying: “Like the plastic bag 5p charge in the UK, it would get people thinking. I think a small tax (say 10p) will at least encourage people to think about what they are eating to a degree and reduce the obesity rate. If a tax rate is agreed, I’d like to see it come off another area, say petrol.”

Jonathan believes that while the sugar tax is ‘better than nothing’, it won’t stop consumers wanting sugar. He commented: “I guess a sugar tax is better than nothing – although that still leaves a major problem. The reality is we need to stop people having a ‘sweet tooth’. Diet drinks are as bad, if not worse, than cans full of sugar. The artificial sweeteners used are not healthy and widely regarded to encourage a ‘sweet tooth’ – so consumers either seek sugar elsewhere or consider it an excuse to consume sugar in other products.”

Similarly, David thinks consumer behaviour needs to be challenged to achieve real headway in the reduction of sugar consumption: “A sugar tax at the point of sale won’t help in the long term. Legislation and education will – paid for by stopping corn and agricultural subsidies. Sugar is Big Business – like tobacco – and can only be challenged by modifying consumer behaviour.”

Sean thinks that if the government introduces a sugar tax, they will also have to introduce taxes on anything that is deemed unhealthy: “If you’re going to start taxing high sugar drinks, then you’re going to have to start taxing everything that has a health risk to humans. This is just another way for Governments to gain more revenue from every avenue possible!”

What do you think? Comment below and have your say.

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