Processing & Sensor Technology supplement 2015

Posted: 9 March 2015 | | No comments yet

In this Processing & Sensor Technology supplement we look at Innovative sensor technologies for the food industry, the use of Vis/NIR spectroscopy to evaluate quality craft beer during fermentation, and industry experts participate in our Processing & Sensor Technology roundtable…

Processing and Sensor Technology supplement

This Processing & Sensor Technology supplement is sponsored by Key Technology, Coperion, Perten Instruments, Bruker, TOMRA, NDC Technologies and Wenger.

  • Innovative sensor technologies for and with the aid of food industry
    Steven Vermeir and Bart De Ketelaere, MeBioS-KU Leuven / Veerle De Graef and Steven Van Campenhout, Flanders’ FOOD / Kris Van de Voorde, IMEC
    From the perspective of ‘measuring is knowing’, the integration of smart sensor technology applications in food production has been identified in a recent report by the European Parliament as an important opportunity for the food processing industry to achieve sustainable production without affecting quality. Since the Flemish food industry is respected worldwide for its high quality products and wants to maintain this position, the sector is teaming up with research institutes within the framework of the Sensors For Food (SFF) project…
  • Using Vis/NIR spectroscopy to evaluate quality craft beer during fermentation
    Valentina Giovenzana, Roberto Beghi and Riccardo Guidetti, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
    A quality beer is produced using malt, hops, water and yeast, which are dosed during an extended production process. Craft beer is a non-filtered and unpasteurised product that maintains unaltered sensorial characteristics. When compared to industrial beers, craft beer is more vulnerable to microbial contamination that may cause spoilage (turbidity, acidification and the production of undesired aromatic compounds). In particular, fermentation is one of the most delicate phases of the production process and must be subject to accurate quality control…
  • Processing & Sensor Technology Roundtable
    Moderated by Steven Vermeir, MeBioS-KU Leuven
    Participants: Marco Azzaretti, Advanced Inspection Systems Product Manager, Key Technology / Dr Andreas Niemöller, International Manager – Agri, Food & Feed, Bruker / Bjorn Thumas, Director of Market Development – Food, TOMRA Sorting Solutions…

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