Food Grade Lubricants supplement 2013

Posted: 26 February 2013 | Dr Hilde Kruse, Helen Bahia, Knuth Lorenzen | No comments yet

Dispelling the myths surrounding food grade lubricants (Sarah Krol, Managing Director, Food Equipment & Nonfood Compounds, NSF International)
Certifying food grade lubricants as halal
(Kamarul Aznam Kamarozaman, Editor,
Food Grade Lubricants Roundtable

Food Grade Lubricants Supplement 2013This free to view Food Grade Lubricants supplement is sponsored by Petro-Canada, FUCHS LUBRITECH, CASSIDA food grade lubricants, Anderol Specialty Lubricants, Klüber Lubrication, Molykote, FRAGOL, LUBCON, Bel-Ray and CPI Engineering Services:

  • Dispelling the myths surrounding food grade lubricants
    Sarah Krol, Managing Director, Food Equipment & Nonfood Compounds, NSF International
    Despite the increasing number of food processing and food packaging facilities now using food grade lubricants, a surprising level of confusion exists around the use, labelling and regulations pertaining to these specialty lubricants. This article explores and dispels several common ‘myths’ surrounding food grade lubricants and explains how end-users can effectively make the most of these unique products in their facility operations…
  • Certifying food grade lubricants as halal
    Kamarul Aznam Kamarozaman, Editor,
    Within food processing, food grade lubricants used in machinery poses one of the biggest concerns for both manufacturers and consumers as contact with food, either incidental or otherwise, would compromise its level of food safety standards…
  • Food Grade Lubricants Roundtable
    Manjesh Babu (Market Manager, Food Processing Industry, Klüber) / Heiko Engelke (Managing Director, Lubricant Consult GmbH) / Phil Grellier (Global Marketing Manager, Industrial Assembly and Maintenance, Global Molykote® Brand Manager, Dow Corning Corporation) / Eduard M. Stempfel (Global Product Manager and Application Specialist, Fuchs Lubritech GmbH). Moderated by Andre Adam (H1 Global Food Lubricants Workgroup Chair, ELGI)

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