Neogen Filter Test System and ampouled media simplifies liquid microbiological testing

1 November 2009  •  Source: Neogen Europe

Neogen has developed a disposable membrane filtration system that utilises ampouled media to provide a complete solution to enumerate and detect a wide variety of microorganisms in liquid samples.

The new Neogen Filter Test System, when used with available 2 mL media ampoules, greatly simplifies the entire microbiological testing process for liquid samples— Including Petri dish preparation and evaluation, sample preparation, culture media preparation, clean-up and disposal.

The new system can be used with a wide variety of sample types, including environmental and bottled water, raw to finished liquid products – including milk and other dairy products, beer and wine, juices and soft drinks. The Neogen Filter Test System can be used anywhere liquids and/or water is tested for the presence of microorganisms.

Neogen Filter Test System is available with either white or black filters, and each lid has a magnifying circle to make pinpoint colonies easier to identify. Each filter is 56 mm in diameter and has a 0.45 micron pore size. The sterile, ready-to-use Neogen Filter easily conforms into a Petri dish eliminating many of the steps and time, associated with using conventional “membrane replacement” filtration systems.

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