Dairy Processing supplement 2016

18 August 2016  •  Author(s): New Food

In this Dairy Processing supplement:

  • Dairy Processing supplement 2016Milk, dairy, nutrition and health: focus on cardiometabolic disease and healthy ageing
    Anne Mullen RD, Director of Nutrition, The Dairy Council and Erica Hocking, Senior Nutrition Scientist, The Dairy Council
  • Unravelling acid whey processing by understanding lactose crystallisation
    Thom Huppertz, PhD. Principal Scientist for Dairy Technology; Marja W. Kanning, MSc, Expert Dairy Process for Product interactions and Coen Akkerman, PhD., Senior Scientist for Processing, all NIZO Food Research B.V.
  • ‘Dare to Dairy’ at World Dairy Summit in the Netherlands

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