IKEA recall a further six products in allergy scare

5 August 2016  •  Author(s): Roy Manuell

IKEA have expanded a recall, originally initiated in June, to a six further products due to the inadequate labelling of products containing almonds and hazelnuts.

IKEA recall a further six products after allergy scare

The products have been recalled from over forty countries after the Swedish firm reported the frequently detected presence of almonds and hazelnuts on products that might not have been suitable for those sensitive to the allergens but were not labelled as such.

Manufactured in Spain and Belgium, the products follow a previous recall of the Choklad Mörk 60% and Choklad Mörk 70% dark chocolate bars in June, sparked by an allergic reaction in Japan that led to an internal investigation.

The subsequently recalled chocolate will all be destroyed but in a statement IKEA have reiterated that “as a global company, IKEA must comply with all the relevant standards and legislation on the markets where IKEA is sold” and have reassured that they will explore all solutions to avoid any unnecessary food wastage.

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