Hovis strengthens trust in quality by going Kosher

15 June 2016  •  Author(s): Mandy Parrett, Editorial Assistant

The long established brand, Hovis®, has given customers even more reason to remain loyal to their much-loved loaves by going officially Kosher.

Hovis strengthens trust in quality by going kosher

Image courtesy of Hovis®

A leading global Kosher certification authority, KLBD, have announced that Hovis® – one of the country’s most-recognised brands – have chosen to become KLBD certified. Most of the range, including Hovis® Soft White, Best of Both® and Seed Sensations® have secured KLBD certification.

Kosher benefits

Amongst food certifications it is generally recognised that kosher is the highest standard, owing to its lengthy and comprehensive requirements. Among the provisions for food manufacturers are the layers of details needed for a product’s ingredients list. Kosher certification requires that – in addition to the list of ingredients of the product being certified – a list also be provided of all other ingredients handled on site, as well as the manufacturer of those additional ingredients.
On site audits are also necessitated, which is surprisingly not a pre-requisite for other certifications, as well as a contract committing the manufacturer to not change the ingredients or processes without prior approval.

KLBD, which is the kosher food division of the London Beth Din (Court of the Chief Rabbi), is Europe’s largest Kosher Certification Agency. This accreditation adds additional product quality and health and safety assurances.

Rabbi Conway, Director of KLBD, said: “To have another national brand, and especially one of the calibre of Hovis, choosing to get KLBD Kosher Certification shows the standing of kosher within the retail market.” 

“Kosher is synonymous with quality and our certification can help companies stand out in a competitive food industry and enable even well-known brands to enhance their market position.”

Sophie Lyons, Marketing Manager, Hovis, explained ”You can now buy a wide range of Hovis’® best-selling bread products safe in the knowledge that they are KLBD certified. The Hovis® brand has been loved by consumers for over 130 years. Recognised as “healthy, traditional and tasty”, the Hovis® brand has an enormously strong sense of heritage and trust (according to Davis McKerr Qualitative research 2014) which is why it’s great news to see our popular loaves added to the list of Kosher products.”

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