Salmonella – Isolation, Identification, Confirmation

12 October 2015  •  Source: Bioconnections

Applicable to clinical, veterinary, environmental and foodstuff specimens or samples the following methodology provides for sensitive and specific isolation, identification and confirmation of your Salmonella isolates

Salmonella - Isolation, Identification, Confirmation


CHROMagar Salmonella Plus for the detection and isolation of Salmonella species including lactose positive Salmonella as specified in ISO 6579:2002

Salmonella - Isolation, Identification, Confirmation

Easy to read with the naked eye: Salmonella (including S.typhi, S.paratyphi A and lactose positive Salmonella) appear as mauve coloured colonies.


The Rosco LOUIS algorithm is a rapid protocol using just three Diatabs for the screening of suspected Salmonella, Shigella and E.coli colonies isolated on conventional microbiological media.

Salmonella - Isolation, Identification, Confirmation

The method is a rapid, cost-effective screening test that reduces unnecessary identifications by using the minimum number of biochemical characters for the selection of isolates from conventional agars for further testing or discarding of isolates not relevant for further testing.


Sifin antisera are produced using Monoclonal Antibodies (MAb) and as such have a uniform and standardised profile minimising batch to batch variation, they are free of unwanted accompanying antibodies and cross reactions due to antibody relatedness are avoided.

Salmonella - Isolation, Identification, Confirmation

With a comprehensive range of polyvalent antisera to provide rapid serogrouping and a comprehensive list of specific O and H antigens, your isolate will be quickly identified.

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