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Mars Chocolate



Candy fans in for a treat!

29 October 2013 | By Mars, Incorporated

Mars Chocolate has ramped up its Halloween offerings, from SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Pumpkins to Candy Corn White Chocolate M&M’S®...


Rheological aspects of chocolate with an improved health profile

28 August 2013 | By Isabella Van Damme, Material Science Program Manager R&D, Mars Chocolate

Chocolate is adored by people around the world for its unique flavour and smooth, luxurious texture. It provides an indulgent pleasure with the added benefit that cocoa flavanols promote a range of health benefits. Is it possible to improve the nutritional profile of chocolate while still maintaining the quality aspects…


Open innovation and technology scouting

13 May 2011 | By Simon Woolford, Jasper Peters & Matt Hogan, Mars

Open innovation has grown as a topic of interest over the last few years – the phrase is broad and ambiguous enough that many people have claimed its importance for doing business in the new millennium, while at the same time drawing very different meanings from the term. Chesborough coined…


Cocoa sustainability at Mars

15 December 2010 | By Peter van Grinsven, Cocoa Sustainability Field Research Manager, Mars Nederland B.V.

At Mars, the sustainability of the cocoa industry is part of the strategy and business practices, with the focus on the viability of smallholder cocoa production systems and the needs of cocoa communities. This fits the company’s principle of mutuality, but there is also a realisation that the future of…