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International Dairy Federation



Analytical methods a key focus for the dairy sector: IDF/ISO strategic plan

1 May 2014 | By Jaap Evers, Chair / Aurelie Dubois, IDF / Sophie More, ISO TC34/SC5 / Steve Holroyd, Chair Analytical Methods for Composition / Christian Baumgartner, Chair Analytical Methods for Additives & Contaminants / Jackie Page, Chair Analytical Methods for Processing Aids & Indicators / Jerome Combrisson, Former Chair Analytical Methods for Dairy Microorganisms / Barbara Gerten, Chair Harmonisation of Microbiological Methods / Silvia Orlandini, Chair Statistics and Automation, IDF/ISO Methods Standards Steering Group

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) is a science-based, non-profit private sector organisation which represents the interests of various stakeholders in dairy (including dairy farmers, dairy processing industries, dairy suppliers, academics and governments/food control authorities) at the international level. IDF aims to identify, elaborate and disseminate best practice at the international…


Benefit risk assessment of microbial food cultures

6 November 2012 | By François Bourdichon, Nestlé Research Centre; Joerg Seifert, International Dairy Federation and Egon Bech Hansen, Technical University of Denmark

Fermentation as a chemical process was initially described in the mid-19th century by Louis Pasteur as ‘a vie sans l’air’, the metabolic process of deriving energy from organic compounds without the involvement of an exogenous oxidising agent. Fermentation, as a process for manufacturing fermented foods, is today used more broadly…