The systematic approach to bespoke fluidic solutions

When it comes to designing automation solutions to for specific applications, virtually no two assignments are the same.

This is why Bürkert Fluid Control Systems not only supports its customers by developing and manufacturing individual components, but puts them in the centre – especially when it comes to bespoke system solutions for a specific application.

In this context, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems’ experienced engineers at the Systemhaus facilities work together in interdisciplinary teams across the entire process chain – from concept, costing and development all the way to assembly and testing.

For system customers, the fluid specialist is an expert in mechanical productionpump technologycoil productionplastics and welding technology as well as software development, tool-making and much more. Bürkert Systemhaus services also include delivery and start-up services for complete solutions backed by worldwide certification for every conceivable process environment.

This principle of supplying everything from a single source ensures maximum flexibility, as well as substantial time savings because the customer always has the right contact partner, and everything is designed, manufactured and assembled under one roof. “Our focus is always on the customer,” emphasises Peter Groß, Head of the Systemhaus at Ingelfingen. “First of all, we want to understand his problem so that we can pull the functional scope together in a way that makes the most sense.”

Platform solutions reduce the customer’s time to market

Even with bespoke system solutions, the development usually doesn’t have to start from scratch. “We use well-thought-out system platforms,” explains Groß. “These are especially interesting if customer challenges across a wide range of industries and applications can be solved using the same basic physical principle” – something that is clearly exemplified by the ‘application machines’.

For example, the application machine for illustrating ‘gas mixing’ combines gas flow measurement with electronics, valves and the corresponding software for a precise mixing ratio. This can then serve as a basis on which to tailor solutions to individual customer requirements. Be it a respiratory device for infants or an automated gas control system for flame cutting machines, the task involved is ultimately the same – the gas quantity and the mixture of different gases must always be exactly right.

The carefully planned Bürkert concept results in a basic system platform for controlling gas that can be adapted to the specific requirements of different applications. For the medical industry, this approach enabled the development of a compact solution that is exceptionally quiet in operation to make treatment more comfortable for the patient.

On the other hand, the gas control for the flame cutting machines was designed to be very compact to enable its installation near to the process, with attention being paid to its communication capabilities. In both cases, use of the system platform significantly reduced the time to market.

Making use of synergy effects

The system platforms and individual application solutions are created at the Bürkert Systemhaus facilities in Ingelfingen, Dortmund and Dresden, as well as in Charlotte (USA) and Suzhou (China). Together, they constitute an international engineering network that understands the requirements of each market and can apply its expertise when implementing these as customised system solutions.

In this context, the application experience accumulated over decades combined with the extensive product portfolio creates the foundation for new, customer-specific solutions. After all, developing practical systems for measuring and controlling gases and liquids involves more than simply combining individual valves and controllers.

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