How to get metal out of baby food

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Baby food is just one example of a foodstuff that is generally processed in a slurry form with small sized solids…

Baby food is just one example of a foodstuff that is generally processed in a slurry form with small sized solids.

How to get metal out of baby food

However, as with all processed foods, there is a possibility of metal being introduced into the product and it is vital that this is removed prior to bottling.

How to get metal out of baby food

Figure 1 – Bunting Magnetic Liquid Trap

The metal contamination can be in the form of larger sized ferrous particles such as nuts, nails, screws or clips or even stainless steel that has been abraded or broken off other process plant. Also, many plants use pens and other items manufactured out of magnetic plastic. All these are attracted and captured by strong Magnetic Separators using Rare Earth Permanent Magnet technology.

For slurries and liquids, one of the most common designs of Magnetic Separator used is the Magnetic Liquid Trap. This has a very simple design and uses Cartridge or Tube Magnets orientated vertically down into the product flow. The slurry or liquid has to pass close to the strong magnets and through the magnetic field, thus capturing all magnetically susceptible materials.

Many slurries and liquids are processed at high temperatures and then there needs to be careful consideration of the type and design of magnet to use. Standard Rare Earth Magnets are suitable for installation in products where the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees centigrade. When the temperature exceeds this level, the magnetic force diminishes, reducing the separation capabilities and potentially irreversibly damaging the magnetic strength.

When the product or the cleaning process exposes the magnets to high temperatures, then Rare Earth Magnets designed to operate in temperatures up to 150 degrees centigrade are recommended.

There are also Magnetic Liquid Traps especially designed for installation in processes where the product has to be kept at a high temperature e.g. chocolate.  These have a ‘water-jacket’ through which hot water is pumped, maintaining the temperature of the product inside the pipe.

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