Rocket Consulting drives implementation of EWM project for Arla

Posted: 3 March 2016 | Victoria White | No comments yet

Installed at Arla’s dairy in Aylesbury, the EWM is fundamental to the technological innovation that has seen the cutting-edge operation identified as the ‘dairy of the future’…

Supply chain and mobility specialist, Rocket Consulting, is working as a strategic SAP partner on an award-winning Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system for Arla Foods UK.


Installed at Arla’s dairy in Aylesbury, the largest fresh milk factory in the world, the EWM is fundamental to the technological innovation that has seen the cutting-edge operation identified as the ‘dairy of the future’ for its ability to combine efficient operation with being environmentally friendly.

Opened in 2013, Arla’s Aylesbury dairy processes and packages the equivalent of 1.5 million bottles of milk a day.  The EWM implementation, which covers the dispatch element of the operation, won the 2015 SAP Quality Award for Innovation and the 2015 Best Factory Award for Innovation. 

Rocket’s EWM implementation handles the milk bottles as they arrive in the cold store from Arla’s high speed processing facility before they are distributed to customers.  Specific Rocket activities include introducing operational technology such as the control system interface for the 90 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), or ‘robots’, that move the milk in trolleys around the warehouse.  Rocket also specified the voice picking and RFID system that provides information in real-time for all related cold store activities to inform decision-making. 

Rocket responsible for ensuring the EWM technologies communicated correctly

In addition, Rocket was responsible for ensuring that all the constituent and complex EWM technologies communicated correctly to ensure the smooth operation of the warehouse.

In line with Rocket’s transformation methodology, the project uses standard (SAP) EWM software wherever possible in order to build a global roadmap that enables faster delivery of future roll-outs and minimises the risk for future upgrades.  Enhancements and bespoke functionality were added by Rocket as required.

Colin Fearon, senior solution consultant for warehouse and distribution at Arla, explains:  “Our system needed to fit our businesses, rather than Arla having to adapt its business to fit the solution.  Rocket was instrumental in making that happen.  The consultants understand SAP and EWM technology inside-out but, more than that, they know how we work, what we need to achieve and why.  They then explore all avenues to get us to the desired end-point.”

Lewis Marston, CEO at Rocket Consulting, comments:  “Our strategy is to work with customers to help them operate, innovate and differentiate faster and more effectively as a result of digital transformation.  Arla understands the need to create and maintain competitive advantage by continually being one step ahead, with the result that it is innovative and open to change.”

Rocket continues to support Arla as it expands its warehouse operations and explores new projects. 

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