Nutrilac protein solution transforms set yoghurt line into a beverage operation

Posted: 16 June 2015 | Victoria White | No comments yet

Dairies operating a set yoghurt production line can now use their existing equipment to make drinking yoghurt by adding Arla Foods Ingredients’ Nutrilac…

Dairies operating a set yoghurt production line can now use their existing equipment to make drinking yoghurt, thanks to Arla Foods Ingredients’ innovative protein-based solution, Nutrilac®.


The Nutrilac protein ingredient is simply added to the manufacturing process at the beginning of the production cycle. It subsequently prevents the yoghurt from setting, resulting in a refreshing liquid yoghurt drink with a protein level of up to 5%. Set yoghurt is particularly popular in South-East Asia and the Middle East and is also widely consumed in parts of Europe, the US and Russia.

When added to a standard set yoghurt recipe, the Nutrilac protein blocks the mechanism that causes the product to gel, creating instead a delicious protein-rich drinking yoghurt – without requiring the installation of a new production line. Colours, flavours, sugars and sweeteners can be added at the beginning of the manufacturing process as per usual, along with healthy ingredients for fortification such as calcium, fibre and probiotic bacteria.

Nutrilac can be used by dairies of all sizes

Torben Jensen, Category Manager for Fresh Dairy Products at Arla Foods Ingredients, said, “Our Nutrilac protein offers an easy way for dairies to add another product range to their portfolio, and to make much better use of their existing production line. This is an ingredient solution that can be used by dairies of all sizes. However, we expect it to be particularly interesting to smaller companies without the space to install a second line, but who wish to capitalise on the great opportunity offered by protein-rich drinking yoghurts.”

He added, “Protein continues to grow in popularity globally and consumers appreciate the convenience and great taste of drinking yoghurts that give them a shot of healthy dairy protein. Now dairies that are already making set yoghurt can tap into this demand quickly and easily with a minimum of hassle and cost.”

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